14 Best Ping Pong Paddles 2023 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Among the best ping pong paddles If you choose the right one that fits your needs and requirements, it can bring you one step closer to your victory. There are different types of rackets available in the market and online, at different prices, for players with different playing styles and levels.

What you need to do is to have a little knowledge about the game itself and how do you play the game so that you can choose the table tennis racket with which you will be able to play efficiently. In order to save your time and money from being wasted let’s proceed further and help you find the best ping pong paddle for you by reviewing each of them.

Top Rated Picks


Stiga Pro Carbon

best ping pong paddle

  • ITTF approved
  • Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 80
  • For professional players


DHS Hurricane-II

best ping pong paddle

  • ITTF approved
  • speed: 96 spin: 98 control: 86
  • High-quality rubber


Killer Spin Jet 800

best ping pong paddle

  • ITTF approved
  • Speed: 70 Spin: 90 Control: 80 
  • Nitrx Rubber


Best Ping Pong Paddles – Top Rackets

In a hurry or don’t have time to read through? No problem, here we have presented you the list of top-rated all around 14 ping pong paddles (also known as racket) accordingly

STIGA Pro Carbon⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
DHS HURRICANE-II⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Killerspin paddle Jet 800⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Killerspin paddle JET 600⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Killerspin paddle Jet Black Combo⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
STIGA Titan⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
STIGA Evolution⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
STIGA Raptor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
JOOLA Infinity Overdrive⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Idoraz Table Tennis bat⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Sportout Sriver-He⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Killerspin JET200⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Butterfly 401⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1: STIGA Pro Carbon Performance

Level Table Tennis Paddle

Because of its advanced technology and superior high-end quality material, STIGA Pro Carbon won the title of being the best selling ping pong paddle in 2020 at a very reasonable price to pay for such high-quality material. Both the rubber and paddle are changeable, so if you find any issue or it gets broken anytime during your usage, you can always change the paddle or rubber.

best ping pong paddle


ITTF approved, which means it is a tournament level paddle. It is available in both penhold and shakehand versions which gives it another point over other paddles


  • Originally manufactured in China
  • Made of Balsa wood, which makes it super lightweight
  • Two layers of carbon in addition to five layers of wood which makes it rigid and increases the speed of the ball.

The ratings of the racket are as follows:

SPEED: 99   SPIN: 100  CONTROL:  80

These ratings clearly indicate that this racket will not suit a beginner level players because it has a very high speed and low control level.

It is not the one to learn to win with. It is also very lightweight which will cause a beginner to miscalculate the amount of power he/she has to put into hitting the ball. So this is the for professional or sport level players. And among them too only the ones who play offensive are likely to get more benefit out of it.

  • Great speed and spin
  • Replaceable rubber
  • Precision
  • Perfect choice for offensive players
  • Heavy handle not easy to get used to
  • Difficult to control( not recommended for beginner level players)

2: DHS Hurricane-II

“Tournament best Ping Pong Racket”

The superior quality rubber used in this paddle makes it earn the second place in our list. Even though it is a little expensive as compared to other paddles but it is worth it. It is a professional level racket and is not suggested to the beginner-level players at all.

Best ping pong paddle


Features and Construction

  • High end-quality rubber which gives a great number of spins
  • The rubber does not tear out very early unlike its other competitors
  • The wood is Chinese, a five-layer wood structure is used

It is a bit heavy and larger in size as compared to other rackets which make it comfortable to hold for some but this same point becomes a flaw to some people. They do not like the heaviness of the paddle because it reduces the speed. It is a good option for defensive players but not for offensive ones.

The ratings of the racket are as follows:

SPEED: 96   SPIN: 98  CONTROL:  86

This is also ITTF approved so can be used by a professional player in international tournaments. One of the pros of this paddle is that you get a free handle cover with it to avoid getting sweaty hands and have a safe grip over your paddle.

  • High end-quality Chinese rubber and wood
  • An extra thin plastic layer to provide your paddle double protection
  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Bigger in size as compared to other paddles which can be difficult to handle for some players
  • Very expensive, but obviously worth it
If you are interested in creating a customized paddle then we will advise you to check for these top Blades that we have listed for you

3: Killerspin paddle JET 800

“special Nitrx Rubber”

What distinguishes this paddle from its competitors in the market is its elegant look and special Nitrx Rubber, which gives excellent spin and grip over the ball. It is an all-round one of the best ping pong paddle and highly beneficial for aggressive players because of the amount of spins and speed it provides maintaining the equilibrium between all the ratings.

best ping pong paddle


Features and Construction

  • In addition to the rubber, it has a 2mm thick sponge
  • Its paddle is composed of 7-ply wood with two sheets of high-quality carbon fiber also known as dual carbon technology and five layers of wood
  • Nitrx Rubber is used in the paddle
  • Another striking feature of this paddle is its wooden side tape technology
  • Killerspin jet 800 is among the best ping pong paddles in 2020

Its ratings are as following:w

SPEED: 90   SPIN: 70  CONTROL:  80

It has a very comfortable flared handle which makes its characteristic of control even more dominant. Unlike any average paddle, you will not need to change its tape continuously, the wooden side tape will protect the blade and also give a classy look to your paddle. It is also ITTF approved and can be used in official tournaments.

For speed and spin, it can be really difficult for an amateur or beginner to handle the ball with such paddle. It is not even the right paddle for defensive players because the bat gives a heavy feel (which can make your arm tired real quick) and also the high speed can be overwhelming for defensive players.

So it is the ideal choice for offensive and aggressive players but not recommended for beginners. So beginners must not waste a handful of money on a paddle they would most probably not be able to play with, because it is quite expensive as compared to other paddles in the market.

  • High speed and spin
  • ITTF approved
  • Elegant look because of the wooden side tape
  • Nitrx Rubber
  • One month warranty
  • Complaints by some buyers of the handle getting off

4: Killerspin paddle JET 600

“Insane spin”

As the name shows, the most striking feature of this paddle is its great spins,  just like the whole Killerspin series. But it is the most perfect one out of the complete Killerspin series. The rubber is also ITTF approved, hence can be used in any professional and international tournament.

killerspin jet 600


Features and Construction

  • Composed of five layers of different types of high end-quality woods
  • Nitrx 4Z Rubber and a 2mm thick sponge
  • It has flared handle that provides a firm grip of the paddle and saves your energy and keeps you from getting tired really early
  • 4th in our best best ping pong rackets list
  • best ping pong paddle for spin

It has ratings as follows:

SPEED: 80   SPIN: 90  CONTROL:  85

It is also very lightweight because of the lightweight wood used in its blade. The Nitrx rubber and lightweight helps provide great spin to the ball and enhance your game. This type of racket is best recommended for intermediate or advanced level players because it provides a good number of spins and great control so that you can learn new techniques through balanced amount of needed control. It has ratings as follows:

  • Great spin and excellent control
  • ITTF approved
  • 30 days warranty
  • Comes packed in a box which can be used to gift
  • Some buyers complained about the flared handle being uncomfortably short
  • Expensive

So, this balanced amount of spin, speed and control allows intermediate level players to not lose control and improve their game to a professional level.

  • Here we have listed the top 7 ping pong paddles for spin

5: Killerspin paddle JET Black Combo

“light to handle”

In this combo, you get a Jet Black racket and a racket case. The specialty of the racket is its sleek design, classy black color and balanced weight. A weight-balanced enough to give you both good spin and fine control. It is a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate level players because of the great control it offers and a very reasonable price.


killer spin jet black combo


Features and Construction

  • Made up of 5-ply wood and has a Nitrx 4z rubber on both sides of the paddle
  • It has a flared paddle that makes it easy to hold the paddle for longer matches without getting much tired.
  • killer spin jet black combo own the 5th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles in the world

Here are the ratings of this racket:

SPEED: 68   SPIN: 82  CONTROL:  90

If you are a beginner who is looking forward to enhance their gaming skills at a reasonable rate, within your budget, then this is your chance. Killerspin Jet Black combo is the right value deal for you. But this nice paddle is not ITTF approved so it is good for recreational purposes but in spite of so many qualities, you cannot play with this racket in any international tournament.

This racket comes in a cover, Jet Black Sleeve Case, which completes the aesthetic of this racket and makes it even more charming to buyers. But keep this in mind, it is a good choice if you are not a professional player. Killerspin jet black conbo has also won the best ping pong paddle title in 2015.

  • Great control
  • Smart and charming design
  • Free racket case
  • Reasonable price
  • Not ITTF approved

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6: STIGA Titan

“Unique Composition”

This paddle is the lightest and a very comfortable Concave Italian handle, due to the highlighted below specs it deserves to be in the top rated ping pong paddles list, in the pre made racket market stiga titan is an essential asset.

This paddle is also very inexpensive or cheap as compared to other paddles in the market. You get really good quality paddle at a very low price. The lightweight of the paddle allows you to play for longer periods of time without getting much tired.

stiga titan



Features and Construction

  • 5-ply high-quality Balsa wood and STIGA’s Crystal technology it has very lightweight and is very hard which increases for speed of the paddle.
  • In addition to the rubber, it has a 2mm thick sponge.
  • lightest in weight
  • Stiga titan own the 6th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles

It has ratings as following:

SPEED: 80   SPIN: 77  CONTROL:  82

The rubber used is not of high quality but a moderate one so it wouldn’t allow much spin, but that is ideal for beginner level players. It has an excellent control which is all that a beginner level player needs. ITTF approved though and can be used in international tournaments.

These balanced ratings tell exactly why this paddle is here in the top lane of the paddles. It is an ideal choice for beginner level players because of the high level of control and very reasonable price. As a beginner, you might not be able to spend much to escalate your game up. So this is a very good choice to make. A good paddle at a good price.

  • ITTF approved
  • Reasonable price
  • Light weight blade
  • Comfortable handle
  • Overall, an ideal choice for beginners
  • Slow speed and less spins

7: STIGA Evolution 

“Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket”

Because of the advanced technology used in this value paddle it has earned number seven position in our list. As we can see from its high rating value this racket is for professional and performance level players. It will be of great benefit for attackers or offensive players. The racket is reported to not being long-lasting as compared to other STIGA products, maybe because of its cheap price.

Stiga Evolution


Features and Construction

  • The company has introduced a Shock Dispersion Tube is introduced into the paddle which lets the energy of vibration of ball to get discharged from the paddle in the form of sound which enhances the speed, spin, and control of the product.
  • It also has a very light wooden nice blade which enhances the speed even more. So it is not recommended for beginner level players at all.
  • It is ITTF approved and can be played in international tournaments.
  • Stiga evolution own the 7th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles

Here are the ratings of this racket:

SPEED: 96   SPIN: 94  CONTROL:  90
  • Great choice for both offensive and defensive type players
  • Decent spin and great control
  • Perfect choice for all-round players
  • Replaceable rubber
  • Too light weight for attacking players

8: STIGA Raptor

“Great kill shots”

Here you have a cheaper alternative to the STIGA Pro Carbon. A very good blend of speed and control. Just like the Carbon fiber model. It is to be used by professionals in tournaments as it is also ITTF approved. Its special feature is its high speed at a very low price. And that is also the flaw of this product that with such high speed only professionals can play and handle the ball.

While sport level players also use this table tennis racket to upgrade their game. It is preferred by offensive players because of the speed it holds.

stiga raptor


Features and Construction

  • it has an anatomic handle that fits your wrist perfectly and makes it even more comfortable to hold for long time periods
  • 7-ply model having two layers, carbon fiber and fiver layers of wood
  • It consists of a 2 mm thickness sponge and an S5 rubber
  • Stiga raptor own the 8th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles

Its ratings are as follows:

SPEED: 100   SPIN: 99  CONTROL:  90

It provides great consistency to a professional player once they get comfortable with it.

  • Lightweight blade that lets you play for longer period of time
  • Great control because of the carbon blade
  • High speed and spin
  • difficult for beginner level players to control because of high speed

9: JOOLA Infinity Overdrive

Carbon Kevlar Technology

This paddle is known for its smart construction.  It is designed to be used just by professionals and that too specifically by attacking players. It has an extreme speed but very little control which makes it limited to be used just by professional players, not by everyone. The ergonomic handle is designed to make the player feel comfortable with the paddle.

Joola Infinity Overdrive


Features and Construction

  • Composed of five layers of different kinds of very fine wood i.e. Hinoki, Koto, Ayous, and two layers of Carbon Kevlar, which gives it an excellent speed and spin. Each layer plays a different function which improves the performance of the racket.
  • The Kevlar carbon fiber layers enlarge the sweet spot of the paddle, giving room for a greater spin. It is composed of special Advanced Micron 48 Rubber.
  • Joola infinity overdrive own the 9th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles

It has ratings as follows:

SPEED: 100   SPIN: 99  CONTROL:  92

The wood used is rigid which increases the speed of the paddle even more but provides less grip over the ball.

  • Greater speed and spin
  • Sweat resistant
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Not ITTF approved
  • Little control

10: Idoraz Table Tennis Bat

ITTF Approved

This paddle has made its place very quickly into the market and the game of table tennis. It is relatively new to the field but has very quickly attracted a lot of buyers through its great all around qualities and perfect balance of speed and spin.

It is ITTF approved and can opt by players in professional tournaments.  This type of nice paddle is mostly preferred by attacking players. It can be used by both professional and sports level players. It will definitely help both of them.

Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle


Features and Construction

  • Composed of five layers of pure wood
  • 2mm thick sponge sandwiched between the blade and the rubber which helps create very good spins.
  • Smooth flared handle to provide easy grip over the paddle and play efficiently
  • Idoraz table tennis bat own the 10th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles in the world

It has ratings as follows:

SPEED: 99   SPIN: 93  CONTROL:  90

It also has a very good speed and spin which makes it difficult for your opponent to handle your shots. It is a great instrument to invest in to step up your game to another level.

  • Best choice for offensive players
  • Cheap price
  • Light weight
  • High quality material
  • Perfect balance of ratings
  • Short handle that can be uncomfortable to use over long periods, for long matches

11: Sportout Sriver-He

“Rubber Table Tennis Bat”

This one is particularly new to the field but has earned fame really quick because of its versatile nature. It is designed in a way so as to fit the needs of players of any level. Either it be a beginner level player, an intermediate level player or a professional player.

This is the most important thing that makes it so special and so easily famous. It has a flared handle which makes it more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time or during a long time tournament.

Sportout Sriver-He


Features and Construction

  • Composed of special SRIVER-HE rubber which creates a perfect balance of spin and power. This type of paddle is most suitable for offensive players
  • 7-ply wood and 8-ply carbon which makes it a bit heavier than the average paddle
  • The handle contains carbon fiber particles which absorbs the sweat off of your hands when holding the paddle for long time.
  • Sportout sriver-he own the the 10th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles

It has ratings as follows:

SPEED: 90   SPIN: 90  CONTROL:  80

Hence it is a good paddle at a very reasonable price.

  • Firm grip
  • A comfortable handle
  • ITTF approved
  • Affordable price
  • Heavy as compared to a normal paddle
  • Rubber not glued properly

12: Killerspin JET 200

“Best For Beginners”

The manufacturers are relatively new in the markets but they have made their place pretty early in the market. The perfect balance between speed and control in this paddle makes it remarkable and a very good seller as compared to its other competitors in the market. This racket is good for recreational purposes in many countries including the USA.

killer spin jet is considered among the best paddles for learning basic strokes, with the best flare grip you will get a comfortable experience as well.

With this spin control ratio, it is a perfect racket for beginner-level and learner-level players. They can improve their skills using the easily handleable rubber speed and improve their game. It offers a very stylish look in addition to excellent performance. It is the best choice for beginners.

Killerspin JET 200


Features and Construction

  • Composed of five layers of superior quality wood and rubber
  • One of its most important attributes is its high-quality rubber. it is long-lasting as compared to other rackets which also gives it an edge over its competitors
  • Killer spin jet 200 own the 12th place in our list for the best ping pong paddles in the world

Its ratings are as follows:

SPEED: 60   SPIN: 70  CONTROL:  87

Beginner or learner level players who play spin can get a great benefit from this but professional players cannot really use these paddles.

  • High-quality racket at an affordable price
  • Good control perfect for beginner level players
  • Budget best ping pong paddle
  • Available in many different colors
  • 30 days warranty
  • Not approved by ITTF hence cannot be played with in any International tournament
  • Limited speed

13: Butterfly 401 Ping Pong Paddle

“Long lasting rubber”

Next on the list is a butterfly paddle. Mainly famous for its excellent spins and perfect control over the ball. It is also ITTF approved and can be played within tournaments and is great for players at a sport level to try to bring up their game. A free racket case is included.

It looks like a perfect balance for a professional player. It is also super cheap as compared to others in its range. Good product at a reasonable price. The users have stated that its rubber and sponge is really good and longs lasting as compared to other rackets. Butterfly 401 was considered among the 3 paddles in 2016,2017.

Butterfly 401 Ping pong paddle


Features and Construction

  • It contains specific Yuki tacky rubbers over 2.1 mm thick rubber which helps to create great spins in the ball
  • Shakehand flared paddle.
  • Butterfly 401 racket own the 13th place in our list for the best ping pong racket

Its ratings are as follows:

SPEED: 80   SPIN: 80  CONTROL:  85

But its paddle seems to be smaller than other rackets which makes it difficult to hold it in hands for a long period of time or during a long match.

  • ITTF approved
  • Special Butterfly YUKI rubber for better grip and great spins
  • Affordable price
  • Short handle that can difficult to handle by some players
  • People have complained about the rubber being really smelly in the beginning

Ping Pong Racket | Paddles “Buying Guide”

When you put a lot of different and delicious food at a table, it becomes difficult to choose one item to start with. The same is the case with the product we are here to talk about i.e. best ping pong paddles. There are so many different types of paddles also known as bats, rackets available in the market that it becomes confusing for one to choose the best ping pong racket.

We are here to help you with that, with our list of top 13 (thirteen) ping pong paddles reviews and a complete guide to choosing the suitable racket/paddle for you.

Choosing the right table tennis racket:

In order to choose the right racket, you must have some knowledge of how it works, its basic structure, and how it functions. This is a big choice that can affect your game. This single choice determines your victory or loss. So you must very carefully make this choice to avoid any mishap.

Basic Structure: A pre-made or custom made ping pong racket is composed of four major parts i.e. rubber, sponge, handle, and blade. Now we will explain all the structures and their effect on your game one by one.

Blade/Handle: The main wooden body of the racket called the blade. It made of 5-9 layers of wood but in some cases, there is a carbon layer added among the wooden layer which increases the speed with which the ball gets hit because of the rigidity and lightweight of the blade due to the presence of carbon layer.

So as a beginner you should never use a carbon blade paddle because you might not be able to control the speed of the ball. The wood used to make ping pong racket is balsa and hinoki. There is a fixed scale for the composition of wood and other materials used to make a paddle according to which it should be 85% wood and 15% other material. The paddles made completely of wood provide better control so beginners should prefer these paddles.
To the head of the paddle, it’s tail i.e. the handle fond of. The handle is the part you hold the paddle with. Handles are also made of wood and are of three different types such as:

Flared: Preference is the flared handle, almost 80% of players like the straight handle racket but with some added thickness towards the end of preference the tail. So it is narrow towards the head of the racket and broader towards its tail.

This type of racket is best for the beginner level players because they would get a firm grip over their racket and will have strong shots as they do not really have some specific techniques yet.

penhold and shakehand

Penhold and Shakehand Gripping

Straight: These paddles have a straight handle which provides excellent switching ability during the game. Players with the transition as their main tactic should get straight handled paddles. It provides more flexibility for transitions to play forehand or backhand but that is also its flaw. This allows the inexperienced player to not being able to get a stronghold of their paddle and it might even slip from their hand during a game.

Anatomic: This handle has a bump in the center of it so as to fit the fist of your hand. This helps players to get more comfortable with their paddles. Such handles are mostly used by Asian players and people in the Asian regions. But the anatomic handle is very rare to find and are also very expensive.

Rubber/Sponge: The head of the blade filled with rubber and a sponge with the help of professional glue. You will have to assemble it yourself. The thickness of the rubber may vary. To assemble the best ping pong paddle, you will also need to take care of the rules.

The thicker He rubber, the more the speed of the ball will be and the thinner the rubber the slower the speed will be.

Similarly, the sponge added with rubber to get extra flexibility. The rules for the sponge is the same as the rubber. The rubber is usually used in two colors on each side of the paddle i.e. red and black. There are four types of rubbers used on a blade:

Smooth: This is the simplest kind of rubber. It is a plain rubber sheet over a sponge. This allows more spins because of the complete contact of the ball with its smooth surface but lesser speed. If this sheet is stickier it will allow more spins but of it is not much sticky it will allow less spins but more speed.

Short pips: This rubber has small pimples evenly distributed all over its surface which is called pips.

Long pips: It has the same structure as a short pip rubber sheet but with longer pips. It allows less spins and more speed.

Anti-spin: This sheet has a plain surface and is usually used by defensive players. It doesn’t allow spins but a greater speed.

Hence, the conclusion we get after the reviews is the thicker the rubber the more the speed of the ball will be and the thinner the rubber the lesser the speed will be. But the control varies in an alternative way. If your rubber is thicker that will give you more speed but lesser control over your ball so for beginners, thin rubber should be used.

Both sides of the rubber cannot be the same if you are going to play in an international tournament because ITTF hasn’t approved that. Both sides must be different colored so that the opponent may get a hint of what your next step will be.

You should also make sure that the weight of your racket is not too much to handle neither should your paddle be too lightweight. Because if it is too light weighed, that will cause the ball to go with a speed that not all the players and especially the beginners can handle. And nor should it be too heavy that it causes you to get tired and it will also decrease the speed of the ball. So maintaining a balance in the weight of the best ping pong paddle is very important.

ping pong table tennis

2: Rating system:

There are various ratings for spin, speed, and control of the racket that differ from 10 to 100 with reference to different manufacturers. There no set standard to determine these values, it varies from company to company.  Different manufacturers use different values and scales to measure and give the information about the speed, spin, and control of your paddle so that you can choose the best ping pong paddle according to your choice and need. Now we will see how the ratings work and how your racket’s performance will affect and determined by the speed, spin, and control.

Speed: The speed of the paddle depends upon various factors such as the weight of the racket, the type of rubber and the type of wood or amount of carbon used in the paddle. Basically, when the racket hits the ball it hits with some velocity that will be inversely proportional to its weight. If the paddle is lightweight and rigid, the ball will get hit with greater speed.

If the rubber is flat and a thing that will also cause more speed and hence lesser control over the ball. The ball will come back to you with more speed and there are greater chances that you might not be able to handle that speed unless or until you are a professional player.

Similarly, the more rigid the paddle will be the increased speed of the ball will be. But not everyone can handle such great speeds. Only players with defensive or offensive styles can deal with those speeds. For beginners, it might make them not being able to handle the ball.

Spin: This is a little bit difficult concept to understand but we are here to your rescue. When you hit a ball with your racket, it spins depending upon the surface of your racket i.e. the kind of rubber you use.

If you use a plain rubber that will help you get more spins but less speed and if you use a rubber with pips on the outside that will increase the speed but lessen the spins. Players with defensive playing and transition techniques use spinning a lot.

Control: It is a combination of both speed and spin. You need to understand those two to understand this one. If the speed of the ball is too much then you will have less control over your ball and vice versa.

Similarly, if your paddle is too rigid that will also cause you to lose control over your ball because a rigid paddle will hit the ball with more speed and that speed might be difficult to deal with. Beginners should use rackets that are flexible are and have a balanced weight, neither too light nor too heavy to have control over their ball.

Things to consider before buying a paddle/racket:

Now that you know about how rackets work it is time to get to know how you function so that we can choose the perfect paddle for you. Here are various factors that you must consider before spending your money on buying a paddle for yourself so that it would not just be a mere waste of money. A little pre-acquired knowledge can save you from a big loss.

1: Skill level

The first thing that comes on the board that you must have an understanding of your skill level. Here are the various skill levels and characteristics associated with them.

Beginner: If you are a beginner level player who has just started on the game and does not have much knowledge about techniques and a specific playing style, you must not go for professional bats just because you have seen your ideal tennis ball player playing with that kind of paddle.

They are professionals and have their own techniques and control over their racket but as a person who has just started playing, you would not be able to handle their kind of equipment. They are playing to win meanwhile you are still learning to play.

Learner: A learner is a player who is trying to learn new skills every day and plays regularly but is still in the learning phase. They try to learn new techniques and basic strokes. Suk players should use flared handle paddles because that is easier to handle for the beginners.

All-round: These players start to learn and even develop some of their own techniques and exhibit them in their own game. They learn to play with pips rubber and flared and straight handle but are still not adept players. At this level, players should start experimenting with different paddles and see which suits them the best.

Sport level players: At this stage players develop their own strategy and play using their own techniques. They have fair techniques and methods and put those skills up in their matches against their opponent to win against them.

By now, the player will have acquired enough knowledge about their playing style so as to choose a racket according to our standard of speed, spin and control, and their style and stamina playing. So they should keep in mind the basic structure of the racket as explained above and the factors affecting the structure and make a choice best suitable for them.

Competitive: At this stage players usually prefer flared handled paddles, at least about 80% of them do. But many of them play offensive and spin shots so those use rackets that are straight handled and with pips rubber. At this stage, players know all the basic strokes and have developed their own techniques and style.

2: Playing style

The playing style of a player determined by the type of racket they use. If you are a beginner you might not have an understanding of which definite playing style suits you but we can help. There are two different kinds of paddles and ways of holding those paddles which can tell a lot about your playing style:

Shakehand: The name comes after the way this paddle held in the hand of the players as if you are shaking hands. This includes flared straight and anatomic handles. These bats are most used all over the world. This method helps you hold the bat and has powerful shots and it is easier to play strokes with such paddles. Any kind of player offensive, defensive, or the attacker can choose from its types and enjoy it.

Penhold: This type got its name after the way it is being held like a pen among the fingers. This method is mostly used in Asian regions. This allows the player to stay closer to the table but in order to spin the ball using this racket, the player will have to move their hand and arm not the racket so it can be tiring as compared to the shakehand racket.

Either you are a defensive, offensive, or control player you have something in there. Make sure to choose the right product though. The players who hold use straight handle paddle are mostly spinners and those who play with greater speed are offensive or aggressive.

3: Budget

Sometimes some beginners do this mistake of buying a best ping pong paddle just because they saw their ideal player playing with that product and when they try to play using that paddle they cannot handle the ball with that paddle or just cannot play perfectly with that paddle which makes them believe that they are probably not good enough for this game.

But the truth is that we can learn anything if we have enough dedication and gets the right guide and we are here to provide you with that right guideline so that you can start your table tennis bats journey.

So in that case, that paddle just gets wasted and the money gets wasted. People need to understand that everyone has their own playing style and based on that style they should choose the racket for them so that they do not just waste their money and passion on useless products.

There are dozens of expensive paddles available in the market but expensive does not necessarily mean good enough or perfect for you. We will provide you with a list of reasonable and best paddles suitable for your playing style so that you can get your game going.

 4: ITTF approval

ITTF is the International Table Tennis Federation. It approves and suggests all the table tennis products to be played within an international tournament. So if you are going to play in an international tournament you must see the ITTF tag on the racket and the rubber before buying it or even for playing at home, get one with ITTF tag on it because it ensures the quality of the product as per the international standards. ITTF also provides the ratings for you to know and choose the best racket for you as per your needs.

5: Professional help

We will also suggest you to get some professional help before buying a new racket. You can get your coach or your senior’s help and ask him to observe you and suggest a good racket for you based on your playing style using their previous knowledge of the game. In Asian countries, the trainers or coaches used to choose the paddles for their players and turns out that worked really well.

The pre-made best ping pong paddle market has grown a lot in recent years and it is something very important to consider if you are making a career in this game.


What ping pong paddles do professionals use?

STIGA Pro Carbon, Killerspin JET 200, and Butterfly 401 are professional player’s top choices because of the high level of spins and great speed these paddles provide. STIGA Pro Carbon is the best choice for offensive players while Killerspin JET 200 and Butterfly 401 is an ideal type for defensive players.

What is the best STIGA paddle?

STIGA Pro Carbon has become successful to gain this title because of its excellent balance of ratings i.e. control, spin and speed, and carbon wooden blade. It is ITTF approved and preferred by professional players because of its excellent performance level.

Is there a difference between the red and black side of a ping pong paddle?

ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) has assigned and approved two specific colors red and black for any International tournament. The purpose behind the alteration of colors on both sides is to give each player a clear sign of what the next move of the opponent will be. Usually, the black side is to get better spin and the red side to get speed.

What is the best ping pong paddle for the beginners?

Killerspin JET 200, PALIO Expert, and MAPOL 4 Star are two best choices for beginner level players. As a beginner what your preference should be is control and all of these paddles offer a very high level of control and a reasonable amount of spin and speed too.

What is the most expensive ping pong paddle?

Nittaku Resoud is the most expensive blade available in the market yet. Its current price is 2,712$. You can use any rubber of your choice over the blade but this is not a paddle for beginner or even intermediate level players because it has a very high speed and lightweight which makes it very less controllable. This paddle is for professional-level expert players.

Do ping pong paddles make a difference?

A ping pong paddle certainly determines your performance. If you choose the best ping pong paddle in 2020 you are all good and up for your victory. But if you choose the wrong racket it can really damage both your game and confidence. High-level control will suit a beginner level player


So, in the end, we can say that what matters the most is your knowledge about yourself. If you began to understand how you function, only then you can make the right decisions about the best ping pong paddle according to your needs and requirements. If you want to win the game, first get to know how you play the game and then choose from a wide variety of products what you think, based on your reviews, analysis about yourself, is best for you.

There are various levels before you reach the ultimate destination. All you have to do is stick to it and keep making slow progress. it’s not something gifted to a person, with determination, hard work, and practice anyone can learn and become an expert too. And expensive racket does not necessarily mean the best one. There are so many cheap or affordable rackets out there in the market. What works best for you is the “best ping pong paddle”.

Now we hope you choose a suitable racket for yourself and make yourself proud!